BroCo is a business solution consulting firm that focuses on enhancing stakeholder value through hands-on active engagement in a company’s business. Specifically, BroCo engages in three core areas of Business Management Consulting and Process Improvement, Active Business Management, and Sell-Side Advisory and Consulting Services.  BroCo was created to provide aggressive small companies with back office support, process improvement, access to financial resources, and vertical integration strategies to help these companies achieve greater stakeholder return.  The BroCo team brings over five decades of proven experience in identifying, developing, and growing businesses with the ability to introduce the financial expansion tools, processes and procedures, and targeted growth initiatives to help further small business success. 

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“Our goal is to help our clients be successful. Whether it is looking for an exit strategy or building a start-up, we have the knowledge and experience to see any project to success.”

Dwayne Breaux, CEO

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